Our beautiful project took off when our boy Milan saw a pearl bracelet that I had bought. A very creative little man, who is never afraid of challenges and who always has a thousand ideas in mind, he asked us if he could create some too.

Having an entrepreneur dad and an enthusiastic mom to support him in his projects, we decided to support him in starting his business to design semi-precious stones and leather bracelets.

So that's how Umylee was born!

It's a small family business where each of us participates in our own way, according to our skills and passions:
+ Hugo (12 years old) takes care of online sales.
+ Milan (9 years old) designs the bracelets.
+ Liam (7 years old) manages the reception of the material.
+ Mom makes the bracelets and ensures quality control.
+ Dad acts as a mentor and shares his entrepreneurial knowledge.

Why Umylee? Simple as the sound of the first letters of each name of our 3 children!
Our bracelets are made with love, care and thoroughness.
Creativity, perseverance and family are really at the base of our wonderful project.